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Bad Pony prances and grazes on the fields of pop culture, chewing on glary green grass and snorting every time he spots a really wicked joke. He was born somewhere between Polish Wroclaw and Belgian Brussels which has made him become a spoiled and cynical EU consumer. He managed to keep his good taste though and will add fantastic decor to any room, bringing a heavy dose of humour and design into your interior.


In our stable there is something for everyone as we have been working with a herd of designers providing a wide range of styles and ideas. There are home-grown, domestic ponies, there are cosmopolitan, historically-nostalgic ones and there are those vain and trendy ones. In any case, each of the canvas series has its description.


Bad Pony is one great gift idea: for Christmas, house-warming party, birthday and d-day. And our website is not only about shopping but also about judging, commenting the canvas and visualizing it. On a wall. See it on your own wall. Gee up!